Sculptures with bottles

Imagining if we backlit bottles on the roof of their building

Trying to get bottles to music while attached to my car

Finally found the perfect angle and distance, the bottles made this amazing sound... wooooo, wooo, wo, wooo, woooooooo, wooo, wooooo

Thinking it would be cool to outfir a taco truck with bottles so it would make music as it drove around town.

My friend, Candy Coh, has perfect pitch and blew into all all the bottles to find a musical scale.

I then thought it would be cool to make a pipe organ which i did for my gradation show.

Playing with bottle caps.


Beneath the Surface - Jupiter, Lightning, and Invisible Light
eCloud - 108' data driven sculpture
The Big Playground - Drilling a hole into a grain of sand
Curiosity - Low tech interactive wall
The Hidden Light - Interactive light installation about other planets
Aerogel exhibits - A substance that is 99.8% air
The Past Is Present - Interactive sound sculpture
Data + Art: Art and Science in the Age of Information - Co-curator
Independent Study - Playing with bottles
Places Los Angeles Forgot - A travel guide

An independent study with Roland Young.

Galcos is a family owned grocery store in Eagle Rock California which sells over 400 types of soda pop. While at Art Center I did an independent study with Roland Young developing alternative forms of advertising for them. During this study I came up with a variety of options including a way of attaching bottles to a truck so that as the truck moved the moving air caused them to make music, a pipe organ made of soda bottles, various sculptures, imagery and movies. The goal was not to come up with final designs, but to investigate lots of different ideas.