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Beneath the Surface - Jupiter, Lightning, and Invisible Light
eCloud - 108' data driven sculpture
The Big Playground - Drilling a hole into a grain of sand
Curiosity - Low tech interactive wall
The Hidden Light - Interactive light installation about other planets
Aerogel exhibits - A substance that is 99.8% air
The Past Is Present - Interactive sound sculpture
Data + Art: Art and Science in the Age of Information - Co-curator
Independent Study - Playing with bottles
Places Los Angeles Forgot - A travel guide

Data + Art
Art and science in the age of information

Download the
Exhibition Overview
PDF Here:

Exhibition Overview

In the Press:
LA Times
Boston Globe

Artists/Institutions Represented:
Jim Bumgardner
Johnathan Berger
David Bowen
Chris Chafe
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Chris Jordan
Ned Kahn
Aaron Koblin
Long Now Foundation
Charles Joseph Minard
Greg Niemeyer
Seth Ruffins

Originally concieved for:
The Pasadena Museum of California Art