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Bridge to Nowhere - Outside Azuza

Old LA Zoo - In Griffith Park

Echo Mountain - At the end of Lake Avenue


Beneath the Surface - Jupiter, Lightning, and Invisible Light
eCloud - 108' data driven sculpture
The Big Playground - Drilling a hole into a grain of sand
Curiosity - Low tech interactive wall
The Hidden Light - Interactive light installation about other planets
Aerogel exhibits - A substance that is 99.8% air
The Past Is Present - Interactive sound sculpture
Data + Art: Art and Science in the Age of Information - Co-curator
Independent Study - Playing with bottles
Places Los Angeles Forgot - A travel guide

The Places Los Angeles Forgot
An unusual travel guide of Los Angeles

This is a guide of locations in the Los Angeles area that at one time were popular tourist spots but have since been abandoned. Each location still has impressive remnants of what used to be. The Los Angeles Zoo moved to a new location, but there are still many cages that still exist from the old zoo. You can even go inside some of them. Echo Mountain used to be a premire resort high up in the mountains with the most sophisticated tram in the world, a casino, hotel and a zoo. It was leveled by a fire and never rebuilt. The Bridge to Nowhere was built in the 30's as part of a freeway that was washed away in a flood at the beginning of construction. The freeway plans were dropped, but the beautiful bridge still remains. It is a strenuous but scenic five mile hike from the nearest road.